The Whistle Stop is a non-profit organization that cares for the needs of children whose caregivers are involved in custody litigation or foster care services by providing a safe environment for supervised visitation and exchanges. We are committed to serving the needs of children and families in the five parish area through our role as a neutral third party. We provide the structure children need in order to have safe contact with their caregivers, siblings and relatives.

Funding comes from clients, schools, foundations, and individuals. Our sources of charitable giving evolved from Mad Hot Ballroom where our local business community has provided substantial support for everything we do, and as a result of those givings The Whistle Stop has had the ability to give back to the community with our Dancing Classrooms or DanceSport programs.


The Whistle Stop opened its doors in June, 2003, in response to the need for a local supervised visitation center pursuant to La.R.S. 9:361 et.seq. the Post-Separation Family Violence Act. (1) 

This act requires supervised visitation in situations where there are possible risks to the children involved in domestic violence, child abuse or neglect.  Southwest Louisiana has already seen first-hand a number of tragic, domestic violence cases where mothers have been murdered and children suffered, and at times died, as the result of a domestic violence incident or a contentious custody battle. 

The Whistle Stop began with a clear commitment to providing prevention services.  In Calcasieu Parish alone, there are approximately 1,200 new divorce cases per year with an estimated 33% of those cases considered “high risk” involving spousal abuse, child abuse or both. (2)  Since beginning operations, the Whistle Stop has served hundreds of families, including many with children in foster care, and it continues to grow to serve areas across Southwest Louisiana.

Effects on Children

The statistics regarding the effects of family conflict (both physical and emotional) on children are staggering.  43% of all critical injuries and child fatalities occur in homes where there is spousal abuse.
(3)  Children who witness or are subjected to emotional or physical violence are at risk for developmental delays, lack of social competency, and poor impulse control and anger management skills.  They may feel isolated from friends and family and guilty over irrational feelings of responsibility for the family difficulties.  They can be confused, angry, nervous, or attention seeking – often all at the same time.  Abused and neglected children are 6 times more likely to engage in crimes against persons than their non-abused counterparts.
(4)  The Whistle Stop exists to serve as a prevention program.  Regardless of the nature of the allegations involved in the litigation, we offer an environment where children can feel safe and secure, while still maintaining contact with the parents and family members they love.  Parents can prevent revisiting disputes with former partners and escape conflict by avoiding direct confrontation with the other party in the litigation.  Children can avoid watching their parents continue the difficulties which may be been the cause for their separation in the first place.
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