The Whistle Stop

We respond from 8AM to 8PM Monday thru Saturday.


How do I setup a visit?

The first questions parents ask when they call us is

  • How do I get started?
  • How much does it cost, and when are the visits?”

The answers are simple.

The visiting parent needs:

  1. A copy of the order awarding visitation;
  2. A background check (Available in a few hours from the Clerk of Court, Criminal Records.)
  3. The names and phone numbers of the visiting parent and the custodial parent.
  4. With this information, a person can get a visit set up in two days if space is available and both parents cooperate.

The cost is $35 per hour and visits are scheduled on Saturday and possibly Sunday. We respond to from 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Saturday


About Whistlestop


The Whistle Stop began with a clear commitment to providing prevention services. In Calcasieu Parish alone, there are approximately 1,200 new divorce cases per year with an estimated 33% of those cases considered “high risk” involving spousal abuse, child abuse or both. Since beginning operations, the Whistle Stop has served hundreds of families, including many with children in foster care, and it continues to grow to serve areas across Southwest Louisiana.

Effects on Children

The Whistle Stop exists to serve as a prevention program. Regardless of the nature of the allegations involved in the litigation, we offer an environment where children can feel safe and secure, while still maintaining contact with the parents and family members they love. Parents can prevent revisiting disputes with former partners and escape conflict by avoiding direct confrontation with the other party in the litigation. Children can avoid watching their parents continue the difficulties which may be been the cause for their separation in the first place.

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